Service Offerings

A Call Center is an integral and complex part of the service delivery model. A easily navigated and responsive call center can make a significant difference in the customer service your organization provides.
Developing and managing this dynamic customer contact access point with a focus on improved customer service and quality customer interactions is critical to the overall success of the service delivery model. Call Centers are increasingly becoming the access point of choice. When a client reaches out for help it is important to their dignity and long term success as a customer that the call center is equipped to answer questions quickly and support their needs seamlessly.

InTelegy has deep expertise in call center design, implementation, and ongoing support of call center operations with specific expertise in Public Service & Non-Profit Agencies Service call centers.

InTelegy can support you in the following areas:
  • Driving strategy for the services to be provided over the phone
  • Call volume forecasting and staffing requirements
  • Telephone System requirements and implementation
  • AVR and IVR analysis and design
  • ACD requirements and design
  • Work Force Management technology requirements and implementation
  • Call Center Business processes, all Guides and scripts
  • Quality Review processes
  • Reporting and metrics