Service Offerings

Assessment and Strategy

Working closely with your operations team, InTelegy takes a holistic approach to redesigning the service delivery model to ensure that operations are set up for success in delivering the desired client experience. The first step is a thorough analysis of how customers interact with you and how work gets done resulting in recommendations for short and long term improvement and modernization.

Workload Management Tool

WMT is software designed to effectively collect, distribute, and track workload. lnTelegy has drawn upon its eight years of experience with task management tools in County Health and Human Services, combined with private sector best practices, to develop what we consider the best of breed tool for workload distribution.

Lobby Modernization

The new service delivery model includes the improvement of all channels of access including the in-person experience a client receives when they walk into your lobby. InTelegy’s Lobby Modernization incorporates technology advancements, process improvements, building and structural improvements, fulfillment of ADA requirements and lobby beautification.

Call Centers

A Call Center is an integral and complex part of the service delivery model. An accessible, easily navigated, and responsive call center will make a significant difference in the customer service your organization provides.

Business Process Redesign

Business process redesign is fundamental in the work InTelegy does with Public Service & Non-Profit Agencies. Creating repeatable, predictable, and standardized processes will enable your organization to increase and improve the client experience.


The InTelegy customer service training development series has been curated specifically for customer service strategies in Public & Non-Profit Agencies Services. Our training curriculum is designed to maximize both the efficiency and effectiveness of both staff and management in an ever-changing environment.