Building InTelligent Client Experiences

Building InTelligent
Client Experiences

InTelegy has successfully partnered with Public Service & Non-Profit Agencies to modernize service delivery and streamline the customer experience.
InTelegy believes that a more efficient service delivery system can assist agencies to better fulfill their missions and serve their clients and communities with dignity.

About inTelegy

InTelegy collaborates with Public Service & Non-Profit Agencies to modernize and streamline the client service delivery model resulting in an improved client experience and increased staff efficiency.

Service Offerings

Analyze, redesign, and improve internal operations and client-facing services with InTelegy’s business process engineering and technology solutions. InTelegy’s mission is to forge a hands-on partnership to achieve defined and quantifiable results for your organization and community.

Technology Solutions

InTelegy’s Workload Management Tools are designed to effectively collect, distribute, and track work assignments in multiple programs. Our user-friendly but comprehensive assignment tracking tool is used to standardized business process and utilizes a rich data source for analysis and continuous improvement.

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